The Sex Doll

the Sex Doll

They Are Here Already

We are living in a very fast world that spins and spins faster and faster, it could sound bizarre if I tell you people have sex with Sex Dolls or robots, but that is the reality, a reality that is more than just simple sex, more like a company or a different friend to spend time with. Silky skin and fantastic bodies, basically you can create your dream woman or men. You can Customize her/him as you wish, but they are not coming with cheap prices at all, if you want to get one starting price I around £1000 and you can go till £15000.

They are so real that you need to look twice to make sure it is just a piece of silicon without a soul or a real human, but some people make relationships more than sex, they become girlfriend or husbands. The question is what started first? sex or love? In my own opinion definitely love, the union of 2 things in order to survive, anyway I am not going to start been philosophic now, Right?

Sex Doll Hotel

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Price and Models

The sex doll industry is working and make millions every day more people buy these dolls with angelical faces and curvy bodies, and even in many countries, they rented. But we are going further now, have you ever heard about sex robots? A sex doll hotel was opened in Paris in February 2018, they called it Sex doll brothel, for those who prefer romping with plastic instead of real women. The sex hotel has several rooms and customers are offered the services of a silicone model instead of a prostitute. There is a catalog where you can choose the different dolls of different shapes, colors, and sizes dressed in skimpy lingerie while the rooms are adorned with images of other sex robots. Britain was the first to open a “sex doll brothel” – where customers are offered a “try before you buy” service on an industrial estate in Gateshead.


Now the question is simply, would I like to try it? Well, I do not see why not, and here is my opinion. I did buy one a few months ago and I got amazed by her skin, her hair, and the general beauty of herself. Of course, it is not the same to have sex with these beautiful dolls than a real person, but these companies are spending a lot of many using great materials to make the experience more and more real.

The Era of Virtual Sex


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