Why Women Have Orgasms

the origen of orgasm

Why Women Have Orgasms

In the previous post, (why women have tits) At the end I told you that I would continue talking about the benefits of vipedism (walking upright). But especially in women, today I would like to talk about the female orgasm, and the relationship it has with walking upright.

Vipedism brought the Origin of orgasms for women because, the rest of the female primates don’t have orgasms, I don’t mean they don’t enjoy or have fun, but they don’t feel that climax that women do. Normally when the primate females finish the coitus, they get up and leave, as if nothing had happened, however, if women did the same, and start walking as the primates do, their vaginal duct would be vertical and by the gravity part of the semen would be lost.

So the ability to fertilize would be lost, basically, the orgasm appears, evolution found a solution by giving the gift of orgasm so that, the woman after intercourse, is relaxed, usually lying down and the sperm have more possibilities to get inside.

The Bigger The Better

This is the women’s part, now let’s go for the men. When the female orgasm begins, a race starts to make the penis bigger (many will ask, “…and when did we lose thathe origen of orgasmt race…?”). The bigger the penis is, the bigger the orgasm is too, and believe it or not, we have a bigger penis compared to the rest of the primates. And it also has a characteristic that tells us a lot about our lifestyle, the shape of a mushroom(as you can see here in the picture). Does anyone know what the glans is for?.

The glans (the part of the nook) is used to remove possible semen from other males in the vaginal canal. I know what you’re thinking, I thought so too, gross! But as always, or most of the time, nature has an explanation.
The action of intercourse uses the moment of retraction, to remove possible remains of semen leftover from previous intercourses. And this fact tells us that our ancestors were promiscuous, promiscuity as a norm, fertilizing, and fertilizing so that the species does not become extinct.

Freaks Of Nature

In fact, we athe origen of orgasmre not the only species that are evolutionarily promiscuous, some animals have freakier and more incredible adaptations, like for example snakes and lizards. These have two penises connected to two independent testicles, so, when they finish fertilizing with a female and intercourse no longer works, they go to another female or continue with the same one, using the other penis.

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