The Owner

The Owner

A New Me

Everything happens for a reason, I’m sure from a negative situation whatever it is, you can always get something positive. Why do I say this? In the last 3 months, I have learned things that I would never have thought to learn, I know that it’s been very hard times for many people. Life has changed, there has been a shred of speed, and especially in the last decade.

This time that has been given to me as unexpected favor from the universe,ย it has helped me to complete one of my dreams, the possibility of having my own website and be able to talk about what I know the most, a place where I can speak and help all those who have doubts about sex toys.

Army Of Me

I wanted to be able to put together a passion, and the possibility of being able to work with total freedom, for the moment I have only achieved one but, everything can be achieved with effort, patience, and people who support you.

I have created, a website where not only you can see product critics, I also want to show all sides of the world of eroticism. To be able to interact with all kinds of audiences with just one reason, foster a healthy, rich, and lasting sex life.

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Who Helped Me

A special mention to Wealthy Affiliate, the platform that helped me and continues to help me to build my website. If I hadn’t met you I’m sure none of this would have been possible.
Thank you very much to the whole team.
Here you can see more information about the process of building a website, and how you can make a living, helping others with your own project.


“Failure is not having tried something, it is never a failure to put your time, your effort, and your passion for a project. When you find yourself next to those who continue to do the same, it’s time to stop, and reflect”.

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