The Era of Virtual Sex is Here to Stay

the era of virtual sex

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The Era of Virtual Sex is Here to Stay. Despite having countless forms of entertainment in our homes, many couples have had to use virtual sex. During the first lockdown, 50% of the people between 25 and 35 years old used platforms like zoom to satisfy their physiological needs.

Despite government restrictions, we have had to move on with our lives in a different way. Many surveys have shown that virtual sex has been a common practice, although there are differences between different ages. For the younger age group of 18-25-year-olds, it shows that they have been more active virtually than in person. For the 45-60 age group, only one in ten reported being more active virtually than in person.

By this, I mean that we are living beings who like to experiment and evolve. Although for some it is more difficult, little by little we see how the greedy conditions push us to use more and more new technologies.

the er of vritual sexVirtual lover

The frenetic pace of big cities is changing the way we relate to each other, as everyone knows. But in some countries of the world, this change is much faster, and for their governments, they are national disasters. Here you have the case of Japan, a country known not only for Sushi, the Kimono, and Manga but also for being the third world power and for its super-advanced technology. Well, in this country phenomena unknown until now are appearing.

They are called the sekkuso shinai shokogun, or in other words the celibacy syndrome. Basically, the population under 40 years old is losing interest in having love relationships. Not that they do not want to have a stable partner, but they do not want to have a partner at all. That is, they do not want to complicate their lives with sex, romantic dinners or simply go to the movies holding hands.

Basically personal relationships and human contact are being replaced by instant pleasure without having to give explanations or responsibilities. This replacement is consumed directly with prostitution or increasingly with virtual lovers or online pornography.

the era of virtual sex

The extreme culture of work, endless working days while the woman stayed at home, was what the life of the average Japanese person was like. But things are changing, the Japanese are seeing that they are going to live worse than their parents. And maintaining long-term relationships is not worth it. In addition to the high cost of living as a couple and the cost of marriage. A new kind of man has begun, a particularly heterosexual man who has lost his sexual appetite.

My Girlfriend is a Robot

One of the most important things about Japan is the sophisticated and advanced technology. This technology has given rise to a vast variety of virtual sex games. But the most surprising thing is that already, there are many people who preferred to have a virtual lover than a real one. In fact, more and more young people, even minors, are already using these virtual “boyfriends/girlfriends”. The Era of Virtual Sex is Here to Stay.
Now, do you see yourself having a virtual partner? I mean, a digital lover, even more so, an android who can satisfy your sexual appetites? If the answer is yes, you are in luck, because nowadays there are already sexual robots.

We can look for hundreds of excuses for not agreeing with this type of sexuality, but on the other hand, there are also many other positive things. For example, you don’t argue, you don’t fight and of course, you’re always right. But remember that you will have one more object to recharge during the night…

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