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Most of the girls have grown up utilizing the traditional ways of managing the blood stains while they are on their periods. Every one of us been through the struggle with sanitary pads and most of us are still doing that. Few of us are of the view that we are fine with sanitary pads. While most of us want to switch to something which is less messy. Although, in the past few years the companies are focused on creating modern innovations. That are not only period-friendly but are eco-friendly as well. It is an alternative to the sanitary pads that the companies are coming up with an innovation.  Supporting the ecosystem as well. All the girls should be excited about dealing with less mess and a healthier lifestyle that can be sustainable enough to deal with the mess. Intimina, the Ecologic Tampon.

intimina the ecologic tamponEnvironmentally Friendly

In today’s world, there are various options that are environmentally friendly. Such as ecologic tampons, reusable tampons, period underwear, and menstrual cups. If we talk about ordinary tampons, millions of girls are using it without knowing that it contains dyes, toxins, plastic, and glues. There is no need to explain why they are considered harmful to the environment. And obviously to the most sensitive part of your body. We are of the opinion that women and our planet deserves a lot better such as ecologic tampons. Our ecologic tampons are made by using organic cotton and comes with a reusable tampon applicator which can facilitate you in saving the environment from unnecessary plastic.

By utilizing only organic cotton, we assure you the Intimina, the ecologic tampon is free from any sort of pesky pesticide trace and elements which you might find in the non-organic ordinary tampons. And, lets us face this one, there is absolutely no girl who would like the pesticides entering into her vagina. Because of the very reason that they are the most sensitive and absorbent parts of a girl’s body. If we consider the fact that most of the women are switching from sanitary pads to ecologic tampons. We want to make sure that they get the best experience and their vaginas should be safe from all kinds of pesticides.

intimina the ecologic tamponHealthy LifeStyle

If you are not aware, period plastic waste is said to be the 5th most common form of plastic to wash up on the pretty beaches across the world. This is not even surprising because when you give it a thought you would know why is it happening. The only reason we come up with is that it’s time that every girl should start using environment-friendly products. Tampons are also playing a huge part in the plastic problem because even in their making plastic is used. Let’s take the example of the applicators. After single-use, they are discarded and stay on the planet for years or say centuries. Due to which we are just hoping for a better future where our girls and the planet stays safe from the toxins. To every girl out there, we want you to stay safe and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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