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Judit Roxburgh

Hi Mia! Someone told me to take a look at your website, they told me that there are very good articles about erotic toys and other things. the truth is that I was surprised by some of them, they are very well explained. this last one helped me to decide what to buy for my partner and me Well, I…

Giovanni Gnocco

Good quality posts, but you should talk more about men’s toys, and add more items to your shop. Your general news are good too, the best thing is the selection of general pictures you use in your posts, great selection.

Sara Lopez

Hello Mia! Just wanted to send you feedback for one of your posts, the one you talked about Lelo Soraya, I was checking tom get that toy for a long time but I was not sure. I found you on Instagram and I went to your site, after reading your post I did not think twice and bought it!!!!!! Honestly,…

Richard May

Even though the website is quite new and has no many posts, it seems that you are trying to put different content besides just toys reviews. I also like the way you explain the products, no too technical and more normal easy understanding language. Also, your News section is very interesting. Count on my subscription! Rich M