You are sitting on your bed propped up with pillows, wearing panties and a bra. I am standing at the foot of your bed, wearing a pair of boxers. You have a devilish grin. Full of lust, yet seductive. You slowly run your hands along your legs along your tummy to your breasts, you circle your nipples with your fingers then continue to slide your hands up to your mouth.. Your legs are wide apart. I move to you and kiss your mouth.

Your tongue traces my bottom lip as our mouths open your tongue darts in my mouth, searching for my tongue, you retract your tongue and it is my turn to explore your mouth, I feel you suck on my tongue, the kiss seems to last for hours, passionate, searching, filled with desire and passion. You break away from our kiss and you push me away, telling me to ‘sit, and watch but not touch’ I sit at the bottom of the bed and watch as your hands slowly slide down to your breasts again. Your fingers circling your nipples.

I can now see your erect nipples through your bra. You lift your breasts with your hands and squeeze them, as you do so your legs move closer together then wide apart again. I want to run my tongue along your inner-thighs but you were adamant when you told me I had to watch but not touch. I watch as you pinch your nipples. I can feel my hardness growing in my boxers, you notice it too and tell me I should ‘release it’.

I slide out of my boxers as you remove your bra. Your erect nipples are perfect, perfect for sucking and licking, but again I have to remind myself, no touching. You watch my hardness as you slide one hand down to your waist, you circle your navel with your hand gently as your other hand caresses then squeezes one breast then the other. Your legs opening and closing. Our eyes meet and we stare longingly at each other as your hand follows the elastic on your knickers, your hand moves back and forth across your tummy then it slides down between your legs and you let out a whimper as it brushes momentarily across your now very damp pussy.

I can see a damp patch on your panties and I think how badly I want to have my fingers in there . You see me looking and you run your finger over the damp spot, the spot grows almost immediately, you rub more and it grows darker, wetter. You are still playing with your breasts, alternating between them. Now your hand has more purpose as your legs open wide and your finger traces the outline of your snatch through your panties. By now my hand is gently wrapped around my hardness and slowly moving along its length.

copyright PCOWAN 2020

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