Sex In the Time of Covid

sex in the time of covid

Positive VS Negative

The last six months have changed the reality of all of us, the present and the future. But not only in terms of health or work, but also in personal relationships. They have changed a lot, and they will last much longer than we think.
But even though everything seems very negative, I always like to think that from any negative situation, you can always get something positive out of it. People are very strong animals, and we can fall a thousand times, yet we can always get up and keep fighting.

You may ask yourself what have we been able to get out of all this in a positive way? Well, personally, I have enjoyed so much time with my partner, a kind of loneliness that is a little strange. I say strange because, despite living in a huge city, suddenly everything stopped, and we had to learn how to live a new life. Everything changes, schedules, work, and being able to find fun within the couple even though we live 24/7.

sex in the time of covidThe Advantages of Sex Toys in the Time of Covid

It’s not that easy, we are a couple that has been together for many years, and we are lucky enough to get along as close friends. For us and although it seems a little frivolous these 6 months have been good, we have had time to learn from each other even more. And sexually we’ve had time to explore new things like different sex toys.

If you’re with your partner, the problems of infection are zero, but the problem comes when your partner lives in another house. You have to be careful of course, that’s why sex toys have a great quality, to be able to enjoy together without the need for penetration or another physical contact. Adult toys have helped a lot in these difficult times for many couples who not only get bored with sex, but also with practicing it in a safe and pleasant way.

Time and Effort

During this time I was able to create this website while discovering the intense world of sex toys. Many people have contacted me to collaborate on my website, while I have also been interested in many others. In a short time, I have received many questions related to the content of the website, and the truth is that I can not be more grateful for all those who have not only been interested but those who have helped me to create something that has cost me a lot of time and effort.

Reflections of an Ordinary Person

It’s been a while since I wanted to write something related to this fucking virus, excuse my language but it doesn’t deserve anything else. Fortunately, all my family and friends are well and we do not have to regret any loss, for all those who have suffered losses and have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones, here are my most sincere condolences.

My father has always told me that every generation suffers a war, well, this is ours. They are silent wars, to which, as in all wars, it is always the same people who pay for them. But I don’t want to end up sad, as I said before, we have to get the positive out of this madness. We have had time to think, to experience new things, to learn, to be able to enjoy more with those we live with, to reflect and to be able to organize our heads, to be able to look at a future that, although it seems uncertain, we will be able to live together better.

This article is dedicated to all those who have lost someone in this time so bastard.

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