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  1. This is an oral sex simulator toy and oh my goodness does it work? Yes! It drove me to extreme ecstasy in like 10 minutes! Now, I wouldn’t PERSONALLY recommend using this one for a male-bodied person (though they have PLENTY of toys for male-bodied individuals) This is ABSOLUTELY amazing and the color just makes it EVEN more perfect (it’s a tiffany blue color) I’ve shown this to some friends in real life and all of my female friends had their jaw drop when they saw this toy and was amazed by its movements. I do also have an earlier version of this toy and the “tongue or mouth” part is bigger on this newer one and it has more functions! It is a very loved company and they make really good toys in my experience they’re always soft and luxurious unlike almost anything else. They have their own silky smooth body-safe silicone that I absolutely adore! This toy is GREAT with a little lube and your SURE to have a mind-blowing O! I can’t imagine any female-bodied person that wouldn’t like this toy (in my own opinion). Lelo has done a GREAT job with this one and it will stay in my favorites drawer forever 😍! I’m rating this 💋💋💋💋💋 ! It has 12 pleasure-filled settings, it’s pretty quiet when in use, 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and is again a rotating tongue simulator! I couldn’t ask for anything better😍😍! I love using their company for my toys! I have a few retailers I absolutely adore and this is one of those❤️. Thanks Lelo and thanks Wikisextoys for the review!!!

  2. I love how you explain these toys ❤️
    I really want to try the lelo sonic 2
    Thank you so much !🌞