Most Expensive Sex Toys by Lelo

most expensive sex toys by lelo

When we talk about spending money for our pleasure, we don’t usually think about it much, do we? Today I’m going to talk about those pearls conceived by one of the most luxurious and expensive brands in the market. Of course, I’m talking about Lelo, the brand that originated in Stockholm in 2003. In this blog, I have already spoken several times about Lelo and its products. So you can see that apart from having extreme quality products they are also expensive. Welcome to the most expensive sex toys by Lelo.


But today I bring you something that only a few people can enjoy, or if you are so crazy as to spend a monthly fee on a vibrator. The first one is Earl, a dedicated pleasure object sculpted to provide exquisite tension and maximum pleasure. Intended as an adult plaything only, he is designed for a range of anal massage, bringing deep, prolonged sensation. The built-in ring at his base allows full control of the experience.

He is suitable for both private pleasure and extra stimulation during intercourse. Quite simply the most distinguished gentlemen’s plug in the world. Perfect for personal indulgence and shared pleasure, EAR is available in 24-karat gold or Stainless Steel. Click me for the price.


most expensive sex toys by lelo

Our second object is not only a pleasure device, it is a sensual jewel. This is the second most expensive in our ranking of luxury sex toys. It’s called YVA, with a rather small size but with a potential that will leave the lucky one’s mouth open.

YVA is an elegant and luxurious pleasure object, made of stainless steel or 24K gold plate, with a deep and resonant vibration. The metal, attractive and evocative against bare skin, offers exciting perspectives for users inclined to the sensual use of heat or cold. Take her as a discreet guest to the most exclusive meetings; she is small, extremely quiet, and never risks staying longer than she should.

The YVA is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides up to 7 hours of happiness. It comes presented in an elegant wooden gift box, with a charger, a manual, a satin bag for stylish storage and a 1-year LELO warranty. Click me for the price.


most expensive sex toys by lelo

The LELO INEZ 24k Gold Vibrator is a luxurious indulgence meant for a woman who loves and deserves such beauty!  With its energetic buzz, it offers a fulfilling excitement for those inclined to the sensual utilization of hot or cold against their naked skin. It has five pre-programmed stimulating modes and an almost silent vibrator engine which provides a multitude of enjoyable experiences.

The INEZ’s petite frame ensures discreet yet reassuring company, eager to sate daily and nightly desires. INEZ is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides up to 4 hours of bliss. Comes presented in an elegant wooden gift box, accessorized with charger, manual, satin pouch for stylish storage, and a 1-year LELO warranty.

Click me for the price.

Million-dollar vibrator

As I told you before, there are more expensive objects, here I bring you the most expensive sex toy I have found. Its price is estimated at one million dollars. most expensive sex toys by lelo

This 6-inch vibrator, which looks more like a rocket or a chess piece, doesn’t seem to be for sale yet, but Thrillist reported last summer that the design was complete.

To be fair, it seems that jeweler Colin Burn created it just to create a million-dollar vibrator. “Everything about it had to scream royalty,” he explained. “It had to be regal, but still function as a vibrator. I designed it to look like a scepter. Diamonds, sapphires, platinum, a pearl, and just about every other expensive thing you can think of are in this masterpiece.

The pleasures of life come in many sizes, colors and prices. The ones I have just shown you come in small sizes, golden and super expensive. You know, if you are into gold, keep saving.

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The Luxury of Lelo

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