Hottest Cartoons Ever

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, in relation to two things that I like very much. Women and cartoons, exactly, an explosive mix for any man’s imagination. But we are not going to talk about erotic characters taken from the adult cinema. We are simply talking about cartoons that have appeared in films or simply in television series. Today I would like to talk about some characters and pay them a small tribute to the hottest cartoons ever.

Jessica Rabbit

Hottest Cartoons Ever

Let’s start with the imposing Jessica Rabbit! The diva and girlfriend of Roger Rabbit, singer, obsessed by him and one of the many suspects in the famous film who Framed Roger Rabbit. Her first appearance was in the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and then later in the movie.

His first appearance on the big screen was in 1988, and with it came some controversy. Jessica Rabbit appeared to be too provocative, and in some images, you can see more than enough, without becoming nude.

Since then this extraordinary cartoon became a sex symbol and has been recognized as one of the 100 most important cartoons of all time. And personally, for me, she is the hottest cartoon ever.


Hottest Cartoons Ever

Our next character may be the oldest, but that does not take away from the fact that she has been an icon of sexuality. Her first appearance was in August 1930, Betty Boop is famous for being the first cartoon character to completely represent a sexual woman.

Other female characters from the same period showed their underwear regularly, like Minnie Mouse, but not in that sensual way. Betty Boop, however, revealed her sexuality. She wore a short, light dress. She had a prominent chest and showed her cleavage.

In her cartoons, other characters tried to spy on her while she was changing. In 1988, Betty appeared, for the first time in years, in a cameo in the Academy Award-winning film Who Cheated on Roger Rabbit? It quickly became known that the animators had snuck in a frame of Betty naked, invisible to the audience of course.

If that frame ever existed, it was changed to a conventional one once the film was released on video.


Hottest Cartoons Ever

Bulma is the first Dragon Ball character that Son Gokū contacts in its search for the seven Dragon Balls to make a wish. She is a slim girl with light blue hair (lilac in the sleeve), who at the beginning of the series is 16 years old, daughter of Dr. Brief, a renowned scientist who founded the Capsule Corporation and created the famous Hoi-Poi capsules.

Bulma could be the character that is closer to my generation, and although Hentai comics already existed at that time, it wasn’t usual to see cartoons of attractive women in series for children.

To the purest Japanese style, Bulma surely gave free rein to our erotic fantasies, since her body and h attractive hair of blue colour, made Bulma one of the most attractive figures of those years. Definitely one of the hottest cartoons!

April O’Neil

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The friend and ally of the most famous turtles in history, a reporter tired of her abusive boss and passionate about her work. Her first appearance was in the comics released in 1984. Possibly one of the things that made this New York reporter irresistible, was her tight yellow jumpsuit and her red hair.

Although this has not always been her appearance, being a scientist’s assistant with black curly hair and wearing a pair of jeans.

April O’Neil has followed the ninja turtles from the beginning in all their adventures. In the film adaptations, we have seen different actresses playing the reporter, but possibly the most attractive was Megan Fox. Although the role was quite poor, we were able to enjoy the beauty of this actress even though she was totally different from the animated character.


Hottest Cartoons Ever

And last but not least, my favorite alien, the sewer mutant and captain of Planet Express. She grew up in an orphanage and doesn’t know who her parents are or her race. If she didn’t have one eye she could go unnoticed among the rest of the humans. This alien cyclops is persecuted by many men because of her imposing physique and brave personality.

But Philip J. Fry could be one of the most insane to get Leela’s love. Despite working together and going through countless adventures, it seems that Leela wants nothing to do with him, until almost the end of the series.

Despite being an attractive cyclops, she has not had much luck in love. As she is quite rejected for having only one eye, and those who want to seduce her are truly incompetent and pathetic.

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