Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker

The Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker

Another Little Friend

In the vast universe of sex toys, there are countless forms and functions. But one of the best selling adult toys lately is the clitoral sucking vibrator type. A week ago I told you about one in particular (Click Here) and today I’m going to tell you about his little brother, the Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker.

At this moment the market is full of toys for adults of all kinds, and sometimes it is difficult to choose which one is the right one for our personal use. This little vibrator came to my hands a week ago as Sohimi wanted to know my opinion. As I do with all the sex toys I get or buy, I choose well the moment to try it because my goal is to give a critical opinion and make a fair and honest review.The Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker

Attention to Detail

First of all, all the products I have from Sohimi come with discreet outer packaging. The box containing the product usually has an attractive design and this product, in particular, has a magnetic closure. Although for many the packaging doesn’t matter much, I think it says a lot about the manufacturer. The attention to detail and the presentation indicate that the company tries to at least pamper us from the first contact with the product.

The functionality of the Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker is quite versatile, as it incorporates 7 different types of vibration and suction. The 3 most important points where this device can bring more play are the nipples, the anus, and the clitoris. By changing the mode of suction and vibration, it fits perfectly to your needs of the moment and the erogenous part you are stimulating. Also being waterproof, you can use it perfectly while you are bathing. Or perhaps, in a hidden part of the beach …

Hedgehog Vibrating SuckerSize Matters

The Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker is small, no bigger than a chicken egg, making it very easy to transport and take your little pleasure toy wherever you want. To charge the internal battery you can use any device with USB input, any phone charger, or computer. Recharging is done through its magnetic port making it waterproof.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, Hedgehog Vibrating Sucker is worth having, and use it especially with your partner (if you have one). The stimulation from other hands is much better, and the pleasure received is increased. The first time I used it was in the bathtub, and the truth is that I liked it much more than in bed or on the sofa. By using it when the surfaces of your body are wet, it significantly increases stimulation and reaching orgasm.

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