Gemma’s Journey

Gemma’s Journey

Gemma North settled down to read the latest erotic tale that she had bought the previous day.

Being a secretary at a legal firm didn’t really allow her a lot of spare time, but she was always the first to arrive at the office, she loved being able to ease her start to the working day with a coffee and reading a few chapters of her book before the others came in.

Gemma was short in stature with gorgeous blue-green eyes and long blonde hair. However, her greatest assets were her 36D breasts which she showed off to great effect by wearing low cut tops whenever she could however the firm she worked for frowned on revealing attire and so she had to wear a blouse with buttons and a sensible skirt for work. She kept her ass and legs toned with regular sessions in the local female only gym.

Lately, however, the only action she had been getting was from the rabbit vibrator that she kept in her bed stand. The last time she had had a rendezvous with a cock attached to a human being was six months ago and it was an experience that she would rather forget. Her partner that night had spent the majority of their evening talking about his new car, his job, his mother, his ex-girlfriend, and the packers football team.

He had tried to remove Gemma’s bra with one hand, a task that he was unable to achieve even when he used both hands, she already knew he was a boring jackass but it soon became clear that he was a boring jackass with a small dick who shot his load straight away and left her unsatisfied. The final straw was when he tied a knot in the used condom but instead of disposing of it properly he had left it sitting on her bedside table!

That experience had left her disenchanted with men and so she had turned to books for some form of sexual stimulation, as she read through the chapters that oh so familiar tingling feeling began to parade about her body… It started at the back of her neck and moved swiftly to her nipples.

She put the book down for a quick second and examined the nipples that were starting to become erect, She sighed and picked the book back up and after a few more minutes of reading a tingly sensation had made its way between her legs… Before she knew it her fingers had found their way to the outside of her plain white cotton panties.

She had leaned back in her office chair and spread her legs and with the book, in her left hand, her right hand was rubbing between her legs. The fabric of her knickers was rubbing against her pussy lips and as the rubbing intensified, Gemma could feel the moistness that had begun to surround her womanhood,’I can’t believe I’m doing this here,” she said to no one in particular.

She knew what she was doing was dangerous; she could be caught at any second, but that thought turned her on even more. She hiked up her navy blue skirt and pulled her pants to the side revealing a strip of pubic hair which paved the way to two slender pussy lips.

Her strip of hair was moist with her juices and as she parted her lips the erotic feeling caused her to moan ever so slightly. She quickly moved her fingers away from her pussy as if she had been shocked by a volt of electricity. But to her surprise, her fingers went directly to her mouth. Her tongue instinctively came out and lapped up the salty sticky moisture that had remained on her fingers. The taste brought a smile to her lips and her fingers moved back between her legs once more.

Spreading her labia with her index and ring finger and slowly inserting her middle finger into her vagina she began to move it in and out to the only sound in the office.-the tick-tock of the clock on the wall. After about fifteen seconds had elapsed Gemma began to pick up the pace and soon she was thrusting her finger in and out at least three times for every tick-tock of the clock.

The sounds of the clock were soon joined by Gemma’s heavy breathing and then a rather loud thud as the novel fell to the carpeted floor. But she was oblivious to that and everything around her. Her now free right hand went straight to the buttons of her blouse.

Much to her surprise she skilfully undid the top three buttons of her blouse and pulled her right breast out of the cup of her white bra. She began to caress her breasts and take her nipples in the tips of her fingers, squeezing them lightly at first and applying more pressure as her sex drive increased. Gemma closed her eyes moaning in rhythm to the thrusts of her finger in her snatch and the squeezes of her nipples.

Her thoughts were no longer with the characters in the book. The only thing on her mind was how incredible this feeling felt right now.

Gemma threw her head back as her fingering continued to give her the best fuck she had had in a very, very long time. She could hear the soft sappy sound that was emanating from the wetness of her pussy and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she was going to cum.

With each ferocious thrust into her pussy her finger went deeper and deeper. She curved her finger in an upward motion with each insertion until it touched that unmistakable prize, her clit was throbbing in anticipation of at least one climax.

Then her whole body tensed up and began to shake as her orgasm started to surge through her, her toes curled and she arched her back Her right hand latched onto her right breast and she began to feel a warm substance seep from between her pussy lips.

Gemma moaned in excitement and leaned further back in her chair. She sat there motionless for about two minutes listening to the quiet sound of the office clock trying to gather herself. The ring of the office phone jerked her back to reality and she jumped out of her seat to answer it.”Good Morning Bennett and Bennett law firm.

“Hey Gemma, just calling to check in,” her boss’s voice replied. As she scrambled about her desk to find the messages that her boss required her eyes rested on her chair which was showcasing a rather large wet spot. She chuckled to herself.”Who needs a man, or a vibrator for that matter, my fingers work just fine’.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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