Gemma’s Journey Chapter 2

gemma's journey chapter 2

It was 8 hours later and Gemma was just about exhausted after a long day of meetings, phone calls, emails, and letters, she just wanted to get home so she could have a bath and soak away the aches of the day, but first, she had a long, hot drive home to contend with.

She logged off from her computer, gathered up her belongings, and headed to the ladies room to pee, but after she finished instead of pulling her knickers back up she removed them along with her sheer pantyhose, it felt good to be free of the restricting garments and she stuffed them in her handbag.

She took the lift down to the basement car park and found her BMW sedan where she had parked it that morning, despite being in a basement the car was hot when she slid her legs into the driving seat so the first thing she did was to switch the air conditioner on full blast, then she started the engine and drove out of the car park, after a few minutes the air conditioning had really kicked in and she could feel the cool air between her legs.

Gemma spread her legs a bit wider and she felt the breeze blowing up her skirt and on her pussy, she squirmed a bit in her seat as she felt a tingle of excitement, although it was cool in the car she felt a bead of perspiration on her neck and her nipples pressed against the inside of her brassiere, she decided to take a risk and undid the first three buttons of her blouse, her bra was now completely exposed and anyone who drove by could see her boobs protected by nothing more than lacy underwear but she didn’t care.

Her pulse was quickening and her foot pressed harder on the accelerator, the car was hurtling along the road and blood was hurtling along inside her body, she took one hand off the steering wheel and slipped it up her skirt, in her mind she recalled her session that morning and she again felt a tingle between her legs, her hand soon found what she was looking for, she slipped a finger in, her snatch was sopping wet, Gemma needed to cum and she was going to risk masturbating while behind the wheel, then she heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights behind her.

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