An Email to my Wife


Hi ,

I was laying here on the bed wearing nothing but undies,thinking of you ,dreaming of being with you, kissing your neck, your lips, drowning in the intoxication of your beautiful face, your smile, dripping baby oil on your tummy, rubbing it in, playing with your toes, your feet, kissing you again, sucking your gorgeous nipples, your fabulous breasts, slipping my fingers in your knickers, finding your pussy wet, clit throbbing, I started to caress my hard cock, then I found this vibe and started rubbing it up and down my shaft, it got me even harder and hotter, dreaming of slipping it between your legs, thrusting it in and out,hearing you moan softly as your climax nears, your pussy is sopping wet, I dip my fingers, then lick them to taste your cum, sweet yet salty taste of a pussy, you start to shake uncontrollably.

Cumming for me yet again, I spread your legs wide, slip my cock in,thrusting ever deeper, feeling your vaginal muscles clench against my manhood, I thrust harder and faster as you reach yet another orgasm, I’m about to cum so I quickly pull my dick out of you and spurt hit sticky spunk over your beautiful tits but I have slipped my fingers in you again and am working on giving you another cum, you are so wet my fingers are slipping around inside your pussy. You start to lick my cum off your tits then grab my cock and start sucking on it, slowly licking and sucking, then I cum again but this time you swallow the hot sticky fluid at the same time you are cumming again and your pussy is pumping out its own fluid all over my fingers.

Are you up for it?is your pussy getting moist? I’m about to cum myself…..go on…slip those panties down and finger yourself..or wait till I’m on the phone… be naked on the bed….legs spread…pussy wet….ready to frig yourself for me…and my cock…

-This is her reply-

I look into your eyes and smile that special smile I only give to you, then I slowly wet my lips with my tongue, while you watch I trail the fingers of my right hand through my hair, running them down my neck, to my throat, trailing them across the top of the nightie, where it rests upon my breasts, slowly tracing the lace back and forth, dipping my finger into the valley between my breasts, slowly running my fingers over the top of my left breast, over and onto my right breast, moving my fingers down to run across my nipple, slowly teasing it through the silk, back and forth, back and forth, until it is standing up and poking the silk, moving to my left nipple and treating it to the same action, back and forth, slowly teasing it into a turgid state, the whole time keeping my eyes on your face, watching you, watching me.

I ask you to remove your shirt for me…..once you have….my left hand slowly travels down my side, across my hip, down my left thigh, to my knee, as I slowly inch the bottom of the nightie up my legs….past my knees…up my thighs…stopping just at the top of my thighs….once again wetting my lips with my tongue…I ask you to remove your socks…..then my right hand, slowly slides the left strap of the nightie down my shoulder, fingers caressing my skin…down…down ….to reveal my bare left breast, my nipple standing up ever harder once the cool air touches it…..sliding my fingers around and around the areola, slowly circling closer and closer to the nipple, finally running my finger across my nipple, then lightly gripping it with my thumb and forefinger, tugging carefully, pinching just so….. watching you watching me…

Then my left-hand lower the right strap, and I treat that breast the same….now I am bare-breasted, nipples hard and begging for your tongue, your lips, your teeth….wait, not yet… I ask you to remove your pants for me…..oh baby you are breathing heavy and you are soooo hard for me, mmmmmm….now my right-hand travels down the valley of my breasts, down my tummy, as I raise my knees, and plant my feet onto the mattress, you can see my panties now, they are damp for you…my fingers brush across the crotch of my panties, lightly, over and over, rubbing my pussy lips through the panties….back and forth,  I am moaning softly, watching you watching me….your boxers unable to hold your hardness, as you poke through, and I can see the wetness gleaming on the head of your cock….you start to move your hand…no…wait….watch baby….my finger slip into my panties.

Starting to rub my clit, as you watch my fingers move under my panties, your breath coming heavily…I am moaning louder…whimpering in my need…..I ask you to remove your boxers… I remove the nightie completely, now lying there with only my panties on…once again I lick my lips….my hand slipping back into my panties as I get my fingers wet for you… I pull my fingers out…I offer them to you…taste me, baby???  You come to the bed, take my hand, lift my finger to your lips, suck the juices off my fingers, making me moan harder… you lean over and take my left nipple in your mouth….licking and tugging with your teeth…then finally sucking me hard…I am arching up to you, my hand at the back of your head….moaning your name…. as you switch to the right breast your hand travels down and into my panties sliding your fingers into my wetness, rubbing my clit in slow circles as I start to cry your name.

Then you strip my panties off completely….you crawl onto the bed, settling your hips between my thighs, and slowly, oh so slowly slide your cock into me..oh my god honey ummmm so hard and so thick… I as my body slowly accepts you inside me you slowly thrust to the hilt, then stop….my pussy pulsing around your throbbing length…caressing all-around your shaft…you slowly, deeply kiss my mouth, over and over…still not moving inside me…as I lift my legs and wrap them around your hips….feeling you sink even deeper inside me… I am sobbing your name now…please baby…please, oh my baby make love to me… start to slowly thrust inside, and pull back out and then thrust in again, and again, my hips meeting your every in thrust, my legs tightening around your hips…oh baby so good, so hot…oh god baby harder…please baby…Nigel love me… fingers clutching your arms….my teeth grazing your shoulder, moaning and crying your name…my pussy getting tighter and tighter on your cock…mmmmm baby fuck me hard and deep now, now, now!!!!  I’m coming for you baby…want to feel you coming hard in me…want you claiming every bit of me…

Baby, I love you completely, endlessly, and for eternity. I want to hold you, kiss you, love you until the end of time. You are my heart, my soul, my light, my love, my everything. I adore you, I cherish you, I treasure you, and I will never never never let you go.

I hope you sleep well, my darling love. I am counting the minutes until I am in your arms……

Love you Always and Ever,

Your Denise

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