You walk over to me while unbuttoning your blouse. You toss it to the floor and slide your hands up and down my back while kissing my neck. You unzip my pants, and as they slip gently to the floor you kiss me warmly… Filled with passion. (Steady, I tell myself) We slip the rest of our clothing off, and I start to tell you that I love you but your mouth catches mine in the form of the word… Your tongue taking me softly. I tenderly but savagely lay you onto the bed, pushing you down onto the pillows that gave like marsh-mellows under us. I feel you stretch against me as your hands trail down my back. Your tongue grazing my ear as I move gently down nibbling on your neck. I feel you shudder and tighten with wanting.


I lie there feeling the warmth of your body against mine… Craving you… Needing to thrust hard into you, and pound us both into oblivion, yet wanting to go slow. I bask in the thought of waking up next to you every morning…I move against you, aching for you. As I slowly move over you I discover you inch by inch – silently begging me to take you now… (you whisper into my ear that you have wanted me like this (as my wife) for a very long time) I want you more now with every second I feel your hot body stretched against me, my legs wrapped around you – wanting to rock us both into settled satisfaction, careful, slow, and secure.

I pulse under you again, knowing that you too feel the need to lay your hands on me and plunge into your hot, slick wetness, and drive you into cataclysm, and without a second thought. I look into your sexy eyes with the thick long lashes that would have been wasted on any other woman but were devastatingly beautiful on you. Your mouth, so voluptuous, and warm. Your hands… Oh God your hands… warm on me, all over me. I move against you again, but you hesitate, so I stop for a second. Your hands slide up my back, caressing every part of me, and I bite my lip. I twist against you as your lips suck on my neck, percolating to your tits, your tummy, and your thighs, and you scrape your nails down my back.


I open my eyes and look at you laying there under me, as sexy as ever… I savor you… I stroke your breasts, as I say your name… Denise… you stop for a moment and look deep into my eyes and say (Yes?) and my reply was ‘I just want to fuck you” You grab my thighs and I thrust into your wetness…. (OH GOD YES!!) you arch up and press your tits to my chest. Then it was just the hot sensual bulk of your body, the wetness inside of you as I rock so hard and fast into you, and my shoulder pressed against your fingernails as I bore down against you, your mouth savaging mine. You felt so wonderful, I almost wept with love and desire.

Your hand clenched in my sweat-dampened hair, your mouth about to scream as your climax hits, (YES!) And your fingers mark my hips holding me down. I move to meet you, wanting to cum inside you, thick hot cum spurting in the depths of your gorgeous pussy. My body shudders each time I move into you I scream to you, but you are already lost in desire with wanting me, which made me shudder even more… I arched into you, clenching my teeth because you feel so good… I press tighter against you, going deeper inside, making all the need I feel for you twist into one tight spiral.


Then everything broke… Pulsing against you, in convulsions of pleasure, I jerk, caught in the spasms that leave me writhing against you while I pin you down to the bed with your sensual warm body, mindless in your own climax, you scream my name .. you cum again… even harder, banging my head against your chest.

Your hands close around my waist, almost convulsively as I give a final thrust. Claiming you, loving you, wanting you again–and ..I moan and you let go…(I hope I didn’t hurt you.) I breathe into you (No… oh wow… no Baby…) Desire pressed into me, the only thing keeping me sane was knowing that I am yours. (I love you) you whisper into my skin, and then I make love to you again. My hands sliding between your legs, before I lick you out, making you climax again .and then we slept. Slept the sleep that only two people who love each other completely can ever sleep.

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