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I’ve found myself more interested than ever in exploring my sexual desires recently, all credits to the exciting new addition to my intimate collection of sex toys; The Soxmog Thrusting Dildo Vibrator. My quest for a true-to-life sex experience ended with the Soxmog vibrating dildo and the amount of pleasure it brings into my masturbation sessions is inexplainable. You might be wondering what makes the Soxmog vibrator sex toy different from other products available in the market, so here is my personnel experience of using this amazing sex toy for few months. Crazy super sex toy.

I don’t usually enjoy putting sex toys inside but after getting the Soxmog dildo, everything changed. You are in control of everything from the intensity of thrusts to vibration patterns. The liquid silicone used in the dildo provides the life-like feeling of a real penis and trust me, just like me, you will find yourself getting THERE without sweating too much.

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The Soxmog thrusting dildo sex toy comes in minimal packing which includes the dildo, remote control, and a 160° freely rotating strong suction cup. It will only take you a few minutes to adjust everything and start exploring yourself. The most interesting thing is the temperature adjustment of this sex toy, the dildo will automatically heat up to 107.6 to give you the sensual hot feeling of a real penis. There is a myriad of features on this thrusting sex toy and here are a few of them.

Modes: The Soxmog sex toy machine comes with four different modes; Telescoping, Rotating, Vibrating, and Heating. The eight frequency modes will allow you to choose your speed according to the need of the moment.

Material and Design: Not too soft not too hard, raised veined textures and a plump tip. The buttery and smooth design will make you feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your whole life. High-quality liquid silicone combined with realistic flesh-like texture makes Soxmog dildo the perfect sex toy. Crazy super sex toys.

Hands-free operation: Soxmog vibrating dildo features a 160° freely rotating strong suction cup and a wireless remote for hands-free orgasms.

I’ve used different types of vibrators over the years but nothing did the magic like the Soxmog thrusting dildo. The Soxmog dildo is the best G-spot and anal simulator you will find online and I would recommend that every woman should have at least one of these astounding sex toys in their collection.


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