Chemistry and Intimacy

Chemistry and Intimacy
One of the things that motivate us most in Wikisextoys is, apart from writing and trying to report everything related to the world of eroticism, is also to be able to count on talent of all genres, colours, and ages. Today I present to you a very talented writer, originally from Honduras, raised in Italy, and now based in the Netherlands. This is a small fragment of her work:
Looking deeply into your eyes, never a break until the volcano erupts in that disastrous lava that we crave, becoming greedy and shameless.
I feel the tenderness of your lips, tongue, on my weakest spots…Bermuda triangles with coordinates that you’ve learned to read and navigate, exciting me, making me what I hate to be: human and vulnerable.
You’ve managed to put me against myself: daring to fail.

This is our field, and as such, strategy is a must:

The war of love against pleasure.
One road to purity, unity, and humanity, but also the gates of an unperfected hell, where cowardness and shame expect me.
Tired, weak, shaking… I’ll still continue till my last breath.

A pleasure that will be lost in the silence of these walls that I’ve built and broken so many times before.

The pain caused by the battle is satisfaction, achievement, and addiction that it’s hard to get rid of because…
It never feels so good to lose power and control.
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