Best Sex Toy For Men

best sex toys for men

Best Sex Toys For Men

When we talk about sex toys, the same thing always comes to mind, “it’s for women.” But the universe of erotic toys has changed a lot in recent years. The market has opened up for man too, and the variety and models have been multiplied by 3. Today we will review what I think it is, the quintessential man sex toy. The masturbator or masturbator vibrator, although many may think it would be a sex doll. In my own view, sex toys should have the ability to play in solo mode or with a second person.

Discovering Tenga

There are many companies that have these products, but for a few months, I have been seeing a company that overstays out more than the others. The company is called Tenga and is based in the UK, despite having an extensive range of female toys, it is one of the few companies that have looked more at male products. They have a great variety of masturbators of all types, colors, and prices. Lubricants that adapt to the needs and tastes of users, gift sets for special occasions, and even a robot. Okay, the robot is small and doesn’t move, but honestly, it is super original merchandising. And all this packaged and designed with a colorful style and very attractive to the eye.

best sex toys for men

But as I have mentioned before, I would like to dedicate a few words to these wonders of giving pleasure. They are not only dedicated to personal use in your privacy but to share also to your sex game partner.

Products Review

Inside this capsule is where the magic arises, since the interior is made of a material called elastomer (a polymer with viscoelasticity and has very weak intermolecular forces, generally low young’s modulus, and high failure compared with strain other materials).
This material fits the penis and emulates with astonishing accuracy the inside of the vagina. There are different modalities, some have the quality of suction action, others the expansion and contraction of the newly fanned tiles with a firm edge and designed spiral parts create a powerful twist with each stroke. Others with a vibrating effect like the Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating Masturbator arises from the core of the device and distribute a vibration throughout creating, together with the softness and firmness of the interior a pleasure that few sex toys get.


As I have commented in previous posts, the sex toy industry is in one of its best moments. Companies are investing a lot not only economically, but also in design, materials, and above all research. Sex toys are no longer just designed exclusively for ladies, and brands like Tenga show that you can do interesting things with excellent results.

Before I say goodbye and go back to the beach (I’m on holiday…lucky me), I highly recommend these products. But especially the Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating Masturbator, because it is the top of the range and it is out of this world.

Here I leave you direct links to Tenga with all its catalog. Enjoy, play, and share!

Cock Ring


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