A Good Lubricant

best lubricants for sex

The Benefits of a Good Lubricant

The sexual pleasure, derived from a partner or delivered by ourselves, is an important physical and mental health satisfaction, that should not be taken lightly. Today, with our busy and hectic lifestyles, we are in need of any help we can get from the many sex toys out in the market, but not all of them work without a good lubricant.

Under constant stress and tight deadlines, our bodies and minds cannot always provide the ideal conditions for pleasure, so reaching for a lubricant is in no way something to be worried about in fact, the opposite is true. Taking care of ourselves and our happiness should always be a priority, so let us look at the reasons people use personal lubricants and some important factors we should consider when choosing the right one for us!

Everyday Life

Long working hours and a stressful week do take their toll on the mind and body of each one of us. How we feel and deal with the pressure from our work environment is highly individual, so no generalization can be safely made. However, professionals from different fields do bring points forward, all of them pointing to similar issues- anxiety is dominant among us and can misguide us on our path to satisfaction in our lives.

Personal Health

A healthy mind contributes to healthy lifestyle changes, be it regarding an exercise regime or a greener diet, but it also helps our libido and body to respond to pleasure in an open and natural manner. A lot of people struggle with acknowledging and expressing their affection, further alienating themselves from their own sexual desires.

Finding Yourself

Talking about sex is still not widely normalized in our society, so facing the idea of our curiosities and sexual desires is a somewhat taboo topic. However, in pursuit of health and happiness, we do end bringing up sexual satisfaction. There is more than one way to achieve this, so the market offers more than enough ways to please you- all you need to do is be open and explore all you feel comfortable with!. Along the way, a lubricant you love and trust will always be appreciated.

best lubricants for sex

Types of Lubricants

Choose a lubricant based on your needs if you need a lubricant that lasts longer, maybe opt for a silicone-based one. If you are not using a latex condom, give a try to an oil-based lube. Not sure what to go for in the beginning? Water-based lubricants are the most popular ones, being inexpensive and easily accessible.

Start from the basics and build your own customized experience, because there might be more than you imagine. From sweet flavors like honey, red velvet cake, and bubble-gum, to the distinct notes of bourbon. If you are vegan, do not worry, there are choices for you out there as well. Natural, organic, vegan- do not be afraid to reach for something new!

Good lubricants will be your trusted allies with any new ideas you would pursue, and help deliver to you a greater sexual experience, regardless if you are experimenting alone or with a partner.

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