Best Exotic Oils

Best exotic oils

Something that is indispensable in any bedroom is undoubtedly a good lubricant. But sometimes we forget something important too, good exotic oil to be able to demonstrate our skills as a masseur. In bed it’s not all about sex, a good massage can be very stimulating. As well as preliminary, relaxing and helping your partner to forget about everyday problems. Best Exotic Oils.

The truth is that there is nothing better than a good evening with a glass of wine, then a good massage, a bath together, and a sex session. But these factors can be changed without having to follow a strict order. The variety of sensual or exotic oils is immense. That’s why today I’m going to name some that are top sellers and that so many people who help me recommend products and I have used.

Exotiq Aromatic Massage Oil – Rich Sandalwoods

Best Exotic Oils

Enjoy a great relaxing massage with your partner; the Massage Oils from Exotiq glide over the skin without any frictionScent of sweet of many different fragrances; apple, lavender, sensual cherry, strawberry, and more. A fruity scent can have a stimulating effect, ideal for a sensual massage soothing and caring effect:

A dessert for the skin because this oil contains nourishing and soothing ingredients; feels silky and soft on the skinHandy dosing pump: This Massage oil comes in a 100 ml bottle with a handy dosing pump; just a few drops of the oil is already enough made in Holland: Exclusively produced and manufactured in Holland; as a brand, Exotiq is medically tested and thereby safe and from good quality.

The company was born in 2018 as a new and refreshing massage brand, made from the softest ingredients that will make your skin glow. Ready to transport you to a tropical island far, far away. Exotiq wants to add some extra color to your life to get you excited. You already have the magic, we just help you find it.


Pura Pleasure Oil

Best Exotic Oils100% Certified Organic, the most soothing ingredients reduce irritation and this natural lubricant oil doesn’t affect PH so it won’t cause burning of your intimate areas or infections like thrush. CREATED FOR YOUR ULTIMATE PLEASURE – formulated with the safest and healthiest food-grade oils that have a neutral taste and delicate scent.

Now you can effortlessly switch between erotic massage, lovemaking, and oral sex. Massage oil for SEX THAT FEELS THE BEST IT CAN – luxurious plant oils like Moringa and Coconut maximize enjoyment with their long-lasting, natural feeling, silky glide whilst nourishing and rejuvenating your skin for optimum health and vitality.

LAVISHLY SPOIL YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER with the finest sensual massage oil and organic lube that contains only the very best effective plant elixirs and NO cheap vegetable or sunflower oils, no glycerine, no petroleum, and no silicone.


Natural Coconut Body Massage Soft Aroma Oil


Best Exotic OilsSkin Lubricant for couples, women, men, pain relief oil, aromatherapy massage oil. Recreate an aromatic spa experience at home with this luxurious blend. Beauty oil, after bath skincare Moisturiser for women. Apply a small amount of oil to the body, neck, and shoulders or soles of the feet. Body oil.

Intense, intimate, massage oil No residue on the skin. No greasy feeling. It is a great aid to massage and other activities. Relieves symptoms of stress and soothes muscular aches and pains.

Wonderful smell – A pre-blended sensual massage oil suitable for all skin types. Aromatherapy. Ready to use a lubricant. With our 100% pure Grapeseed oil, this massage oil will glide over your skin, leaving it silky smooth.


Best Exotic Oils. We have tried to narrow down and facilitate the search so that Christmas shopping can be easier. These body oils are natural and created specifically for relaxation and body toning. Of course, there are hundreds of oils, but these are the three that we like the most and that are sold the most online. I hope you liked them and remember that buying them means having to massage…each other.

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