Amorelie Erotic Advent Calendar Luxury

Amorelie Erotic Advent Calendar Luxury

Here you have the best gift you can imagine for your most erotic Christmas. This product will satisfy all your bedroom needs. And although we haven’t talked about this brand yet, I couldn’t stop making this review. Possibly the most exotic, beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and necessary for any couple.
It comes with 24 gifts for her and him, Including Sex Toys, Vibrators, Accessories, Body & Care, Womanizer. Although this spectacular set of sex toys came out last year, it is really worth a look.

AMORELIE Erotic Advent Calendar LuxuryThe well-known designer Marina Hoermanseder (  Founded in 2013 by the eponymous designer, Marina Hoermanseder is a Berlin-based womenswear label. The young French-Austrian designer’s work represents a bold individualism, combining the finest artisanal sophistication with eccentric yet elegant designs) has worked together with Amorelie on the exclusive design of this calendar, Amorelie Erotic Advent Calendar Luxury.

In addition, she made three sensual surprises exclusively for the calendar!. The Advent calendar for adults creates unforgettable moments for couples with the perfect mix of premium toys, body cosmetics, and sensual surprises. A unique and luxurious gift idea for your partner. And of course, the package is distributed in total discretion.

The Company

Amerelie is the largest German online sex toy company in Europe. With large distribution in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, and Switzerland. But the most interesting thing about this company is that it has convinced one of the most important channels in Germany to sell its toys during daytime hours.

Product Features

Womanizer Liberty – Clitoral Stimulator

Amorelie Erotic Advent Calendar Luxury

Womanizer Liberty releases pulsating waves. This makes it a completely new experience of pleasure, complete with particularly penetrating orgasms.


Triad from BOLD is a men’s vibrator that warms up at the push of a button. This encourages blood flow to the penis, which makes for an even more intense sensation and explosive orgasms.

Hand Cuff

The kink hand and foot cuff set can be individually adjusted in size and combined in a variety of ways. For binding hands and feet. Versatile fun.

Lubricant and massage fluid

The special feature of the lubricant and massage fluid from premium brand VOU is its formula based on aloe vera, which cares for and protects the sensitive mucous membranes.

Including free guide app

Alongside the Advent calendar, couples get a free app to guide them on a successful and especially sensual journey through Advent. There’s, even more, to discover there. There is a demonstration video to accompany each surprise, as well as lots of inspiring expert tips, quizzes, and other surprises.

The app is available in English and German and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Fantastic Value

Amorelie Erotic Advent Deluxe Calendar is not just a collection of toys and oils, it is a collection of small pleasures. I have been lucky enough to get one of these wonderful jewels, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. You and your partner will have entertainment guaranteed for hundreds of nights of passion and eroticism. You can also get it at a unique price as it is from last year, and you can buy it for just over £140 when the total of a product in this category is over £400.


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