ALICE: Hands-Free Masturbator

ALICE Alice Hands-Free Masturbator

ALICE: Hands-Free Masturbator. Masturbation is undoubtedly one of the profound ways of self-care and also a proven stress-relieving activity. There is no sin in taking your me-time to the next level using passionately created devices such as ALICE Hands-Free Masturbator. Gone are the days when sex toys for men meant just silicon-made simulators with no suction or moving mechanism, nowadays we have cutting-edge technology implemented on sex toys to take men to the epitome of pleasure. The male sex toys of 2021 highlight minimalistic and discrete design ideology and more men are discovering the hidden world of self-pleasure using these devices.

The Alice Hands-Free Masturbator is not your regular male masturbator device, it comes with features to make your masturbation session smooth and pleasurable, just as you want it to be. In this article, we will be taking you on a virtual tour of the most exciting and feature-rich male sex toy of the year, and trust us, there are few feelings words can’t explain and this device will take you to such a state of mind with just a touch of your finger.

When we decided to test the Alice Hands-free masturbator, we were expecting a conventional oral simulator but this device has blown our mind. Sohimi is an undisputed name in the sex toys world and they have been delivering products with high value since their inception. Sohimi combined their design brilliance and years of experience in the sex toys industry to create such a jaw-dropping product and we highly recommend this product if you are looking for a top-quality product that will always give the desired result and ultimate satisfaction. Without further ado let’s check the spectrum of features offered by the Alice hands-free masturbator.

Why Alice Hands-free Masturbator?

alice hands free masturbatorMasturbation priorities are different for every man, but the continuous research of the Sohimi team has discovered that the majority of men yearn for a gentle and sensual masturbation experience than a fierce sexual activity. The Alice hands-free masturbator is the perfect answer to this requirement and this device ticks all the right boxes of male sexual desires. Offering great value for money and high-quality mechanical parts, Alice hands-free masturbator stands out from the long list of male masturbation simulators available in the market. Be ready to give your wrist a break with the sturdy Alice hands-free masturbator by Sohimi.

 More than a Sex Machine

The Design: The Alice hand-free masturbator is a charmer. The sleek and discrete design is combined with powerful performance to produce maximum value for money. The device comes with a suction attachment for hands-free use which is helpful for solo folks and the high-quality waterproof material used to design the product makes it easy to carry and clean. The strong suction base allows you to use this product anywhere you wish without using your hands. It can grab any smooth or hard surfaces such as a bathroom, bedroom, or even your kitchen table. The male fantasies are limitless and so are the possibilities of using this extraordinary masturbation simulator.

Product Features

The super-comfortable Alice hands-free sex machine is designed with advanced manufacturing technology and it includes a fast and powerful motor with precision gear. The flexible leverage allows the device to work in different modes. The inner sleeve is created with soft, stretchy, and eco-friendly TPE material to provide ultimate sensation to your penis. Overall, the Alice hands-free masturbator is design excellence and justifies every penny spend on it.

Performance and modes: The Alice hands-free masturbator come with 10 different rotating & thrusting modes and these modes are sufficient for you to experience different levels of sensations. From slow stroking to fast wanking Sohimi ALICE hands-free masturbator grips spins and sucks exactly how you want it to. The different speeds and rotation modes allow you to experiment and find new stages of pleasure without sweating. No matter what size you are, big or small, the Alice hands-free masturbator will accommodate you and the inner sleeve which is full of granules will give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. The inner sleeve stimulates the head of your penis with your pick of power intensities and combines it with additional rotations and suctions that’ll knock your socks off.

Charging and cleaning: The Alice hands-free masturbator is equipped with a magnetic USB charging feature for a hassle-free charging experience. The battery gives sufficient backup time to keep your masturbation session uninterrupted and the charging is also pretty fast.

Cleaning is a major concern when it comes to sex toys, Sohimi team addresses this issue with the easy cleaning option of the Alice hands-free masturbator. To clean up the inner sleeve, you can simply pull out the black cover and take out the sleeve to wash. The TPE material used in the inner sleeve can be cleaned to perfection and you are ready for your next session in no time with unmatched hygiene.alice hands free masturbator

Cost and Shipping: Alice Hands-free masturbator is available for a discount rate of $72.99 as of now and we recommend you to grab this product before the rates shoot up. The product offers high value for money with its performance and quality. You can order the product on the Sohimi website and it will be shipped 100% discreetly and secretly to protect your privacy. The customer support team of Sohimi is always there to help you if you face any issues with your order.


If you are looking for a perfect hands-free masturbator to explore the subtle side of pleasure, look no further. The Alice hands-free masturbator is designed for you and it packs all the features you can expect in a futuristic masturbation simulator.

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