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Hey everyone and welcome to Wikisextoys.com. Nowadays we have an amazing variety of sex toys that can help, not only solid couples but also as a solo player or whatever is in your imagination. So Let’s talk about sex, a great subject and sometimes a bit difficult to bring it out.

The universe of sex toys is bast, but we all can get lost into the weird universe, especially if we never bought anything, questions pop up in our brain, what to buy? Why? How to put it in practice? Is it going to work for my couple and me? And this is why I came with the idea to create a website for normal people like me, that need to explore more into this vast universe of rubber and lubricant.


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Came Out Of The Closet

In my case, I was always agnostic and I replied “really?” to the question, “you want to play?”. But I start to say “why not”, and then all change, I discovered the universe of sex toys, doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, especially men think that is only for women but they are very wrong.

Open The Door

The purpose of this website is just to open the door to those who want information about what is new in this industry, what the best suit to your needs or likes or just to talk openly about our doubts or experience. For a long time, I’ve been very ignorant and without enjoying a healthy sex life.



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