A Beginer’s Guide to Sex Toys

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys? Really? As I mention in my first post, we are here to walk together into the universe of Sex Toys. Answer questions that you always needed to know but not brave or confident to ask, how to span your own sex life, what does it mean Sex Toys.
If you are already a black belt in Sex Toys I hope you can join us, leaving comments and helping out to everyone or even myself, if you are new in this universe (I like to call it Universe) of adult toys and to have more questions than answers (and that is very good), I hope we can help you and guide you thought out your experiences.
So prepare yourself because we are going to jump into the beautiful sea of joy and pleasure called Sex.

The Experiment

Different sides and colors, for men and women, for couples, basically this industry covers all likes. Using these toys with your couple or as a solo can help you to discover and to know more your body and your couple’s too. Now, I remember the day when she told me, with an item that I have never seen in my life, “do you want to play?”, now we are going to stop here for a moment, it is not easy to bring this up to your couple, you don’t know how the person will react and does not really matter the gender or the age, to be honest, but it could matter your sex education or religion. Coming back to the previous conversation, I was always very agnostic about these toys, but it works for me and my couple, absolutely recommendable!

Plastic Culture

Of course, it all depends on your culture, education, family, religion, or social status, so many things have changed especially for women, they can choose and kind of ruling the show, unfortunately still many things need to change.
Sex Toys are not a new invention, actually, the scientist thinks it could start 30000 years ago, and I know it is bizarre to think about your grandma using Sex Toys but it could’ve happened, actually, I will talk in future blogs about ancient Sex Toys (I know you are very excited about it).

Energize Your Bed

Besides Sex Toys there is a very vast variety of lubricants, with flavors, smells, specific for the clitoris, warm action, cold action, and much more. In here I will strongly recommend buying a few ones and try then, you will know which one suits you better. There are some with a warm and cold feeling, and they are pretty good as it gives to women and men different feelings and they are made for this reason in particular.

We can not forget about sexy lingerie, every day there are more and more people buying and using it, and you can see your couple in a different way than you have never seen before, it will remark his/her beauty and it is a big extra. Nurses, French maid, schoolgirl, fireman, sexy glasses and I can keep naming forever. Why not surprise your couple with a present like this? not need to be Valentine’s day or a birthday, of course, do some research before and talk with your couple to find out what she/he thinks and avoiding bad situations.

The Achievement

Little by little one began to learn more about your couple and yourself, and The Beginners Guide To Sex Toys starts to become an expert guide. Her/his body and yours, finding places that you could never imagine you could have feel pleasure, and this is not just to improve your sexual life also help to build up your relationship in general, you will be more open to talk about anything, how good is it when you have a healthy sex life but even better to have a healthy relationship. There are thousands of products out there for everyone and I mean everyone, please do your research online and you can find all the info you need, me, humbly I am trying to give all the information I know and I research every single day, plus my own experience and different people’s experiences that I found on my life and I still find every day.

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